Muslim Learner Services
Assemblies, Workshops & Training

Primary Schools


An interactive assembly introducing Islam to the children in a fun and engaging way (Reception to Year 6). The assembly is also open to parents / carers.


A myth-busting interactive workshop to promote an accurate understanding of Islam to parents & carers. 


  • Islamic Artefacts (Multi-Sensory)

  • Belief in Allah (Shahadah) and 99 Names
  • Stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad
  • Prayer (Salat) & The Mosque
  • Charity (Zakat) (Upper KS2 only)
  • Fasting (Ramadhan) & Eid
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)
  • Births, weddings and funerals in Islam
  • Prophets in Islam
  • Sacred books: The Holy Qur'an
  • Akhira (Life after death)
  • What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

If you want the children in your school to have an informed understanding about different aspects of Islam then Imran Kotwal is the visitor to invite to your school. I have had the privilege of watching several of Imran’s workshops with primary age children on different aspects of Muslim life and belief. The children really enjoy his interactive approach and there is always opportunity for their questions to be answered. They also appreciate his gentle approach and straightforward explanations about Islam. Imran also talks to teachers and parents in the school if you want to build an informed and balanced view about Islam. He has already worked with both community and church schools in Cumbria, all of whom praise his contribution to teaching and learning about Islam.

I thoroughly recommend him to you. You won’t be disappointed!

Penny Hollander

Church School Education Consultant for Carlisle diocese.

I have been delighted to work with Imran Kotwal and Muslim Learner Services for over three years now. I first booked sessions with him for Frodsham Manor House Primary School where he led a whole school assembly and worked with a further three classes during the day. Imran continues to work with us on an annual basis and the children have come to know him well and look forward to his visits to enhance our learning on Islam. He has also led workshops for Cheshire West Primary School pupil workshops which are always lively and engaging. He has led county CPD on the teaching of Islam and a session at our Agreed Syllabus launch on misconceptions. Once you meet Imran, you will want him to come to meet your pupils.  I have always found Imran to be friendly, approachable, adaptable, reflective and open to any questions which you may have. I am confident that any session for pupils or staff will be an excellent use of your time and resources. 

Naomi Anstice
National Ambassador for RE Networks, Cheshire West and Chester Primary RE Adviser, Assistant Headteacher, Specialist Leader in Education. 

'Imran's visit was a pleasure for both children and staff. He talked to the children about his beliefs, prayers, rituals and what being a Muslim means in modern Britain. Visits like Imran's are so important, they enable children to have a rich understanding of the diversity that exists in our society and how we can all live together sharing the same values. He is great, even though he supports Manchester United!'

Headteacher, Delamere CE Academy, Cheshire

Imran Kotwal has worked with Westwood Park on a number of occasions. Imran's assemblies and workshops promote British Values of respect and tolerance for all. The pupils really enjoy his visits and are fascinated by the knowledge and insights they gain in to Islam. Imran is willing to tackle 'tricky issues' like extremism and racism with dignity and understanding. He will happily work with pupils, staff and parents. Imran has a good sense of humour which engages children. His work with us is invaluable.

Sara Walker, Head Teacher, Westwood Park Primary, Salford

Hi Imran, I just wanted to say many thanks for your efforts today; your assembly was excellent and the lessons were enjoyed and educational for children and staff – they were all talking about it at dinnertime. It is a special thing that you do, and for our children to have the message reinforced of understanding, friendship, tolerance and all the other values we teach them is vital.

Headteacher, St Peter's CE Primary School, Swinton