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Diocese of Shrewsbury - Islam Inset for Secondary School Heads of RE - 5 Pillars & 6 Articles

Learning the pronunciation was VERY helpful

Put in to a living context brings the faith alive

Lots of resources

Ready for any questions

Trainer was very knowledgeable and presents all the key concepts very clearly and explains the links so well it makes it interesting and very informative.

So interesting - a great resource for schools!

Very engaging speaker who has a wealth of knowledge on the topics presented.

Openess of being a Muslim in 21st Century in Britain.

Thank you for fantastic training.

Excellent speaker.

This session was excellent - definitely one of the most interesting I have had.

Imran engaged everyone in the room.

Amazing session which was detailed and informative.

Wished we could have had longer!

Imran Kotwal was engaging & helpful and approachable.

Fantastic resources and explanations of key areas.

Furness Education Trust - Inset for RE Teachers in Barrow in Furness

Very enjoyable. Lots of information given that could be used in school.

Ideas given on how to teach specific areas.

I have really enjoyed the training tonight

Friendly, relaxed and informative.

Very practical and fast paced. 

Great resources. 

A fantastic course - thank you!

Loved the quiz.

LIVERPOOL SACRE - Feedback: Teaching & Learning about Islam inset for RE Coordinators (30 Schools)

Useful activities to deliver with children

Engaging and hands on - great resources to take back to school

Terminology explained

Exploring artefacts

Imran was a great trainer!

Loved the quiz

This is the best RE CPD I have attended!

Answered everybody's questions

Good sense of humour


Imran was very knowledgeable

I really enjoyed the session

Bexton Primary School, Cheshire East - Feedback: Teaching & Learning about Islam, inc. Tackling Islamophobia

Fascinating to learn about Islam

Dispelled some of the common misconceptions of British society

Great training, thank-you

Really informative

I feel more confident teaching about Islam now.

Interesting, non-judgemental, open and genuine

Engaging activities and clear explanations

Variety of activities, quiz, pictures, videos etc

Lots of suggestions for pupil activities

Very well presented & Incredibly well delivered!

Our training session was amazing!

Diocese of Liverpool -Teaching and Learning about Islam Inset for 13 Newly Qualified Teachers

The quiz removed a lot of misconceptions.

Imran was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge in a way that was engaging.

Great resources!

It was engaging, fun and full of great, interesting facts.

Liked the freedom to ask questions.

The content was brilliant  - easily adaptable for use in class.

Good links with different faiths.

Lots of interesting artefacts.

Learnt lots of key terms.

Really interactive.

Accessible, fascinating, inspiring

Fantastic resources!!!

Imran is inspiring.


Goostrey Primary School, Cheshire East - Parents workshop on Islam

I have learnt many things that I didn't know before

Thanks for the clarifications.
Very happy about this session and Islam being taught at Goostrey Primary
Informal but engaging and interactive
Good to learn what the children are being taught at school
Very useful to know what our children are going to learn
Relaxed and informative
Big thanks! Very important role!
Imran was very informative and personable
Expelled a lot of myths
Really enjoyable, thank-you
Friendly, light hearted, fun, interesting and informative
I wish it could have been longer - much more to learn!

Grange CE Primary School, Cumbria - Staff & Parents workshop - An Introduction to Islam

Very clear and well explained
Covered important points, not over-whelming or boring!
Liked Imran's delivery and humour
Thank you - I really enjoyed the session.
Living in Cumbria we are isolated from other faiths - it was great to learn about another faith.
Very interesting
Educational and incredibly well-delivered
Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable 
I learn something new everytime we meet!
I enjoyed the video of inside a Mosque

St Thomas the Martyr CE Primary School, Skelmersdale - Teaching & Learning about Islam Inset

Excellent rapport with all and alot of very useful information

Excellent worthwhile session

Made relevant for teaching children

Liked the reflection and discussion and gaining a deeper understanding of Islam

Answered all the questions respectfully

Very approachable trainer

Exceptionally informative

Liked the practical activities such as the quiz

I feel I know more about the religion of Islam


Wished we could have had a longer session for further discussion!

North Yorkshire School Improvement Service (Ripon) - Islam Inset for Primary School RE coordinators - Feedback on our session on: What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?  

Real life and contemporary examples based on Muslims in Britain

Lots of facts and very interesting

Very impressed! Thank You

Very informative & very engaging - I have learnt lots!

Great ideas for teaching.

Relevant, interactive, balanced and contextual


Imran was fantastic, really easy to listen and talk to.

Informative, truthful and inspiring

Passionate, enlightening and really informative - I'd love to learn more

Really interactive and thought provoking.

I liked the fact that prior understanding was acknowledged and addressed. 

St Maria Goretti RC Primary School, Preston - Feedback on Teaching & Learning about Islam Staff Meeting (Inc. Tackling Islamophobia) (3.30-5.00pm)

High quality new learning for adults
Use of Islamic artefacts / materials and Imran's approach was very positive.
Liked learning Arabic terminology / Islamic artefacts

Made my understanding of Islam much clearer. I learned so much!

Thought-provoking, enjoyable, interesting and light-hearted too!

Liked the interactive tasks

Very clear, great ideas, engaging, very informative, cleared up misunderstanding

How to deal with Islamophobia

Great activities, explanations and examples

Funny - not too serious

Ravenbank CP School, Lymm - Feedback on Islam Staff Meeting (3.30-5.00pm)

Fantastic training!

Relevant & modern! Discussed traditions but in a modern context.

I feel a lot more educated about Muslims and Islamic culture.

Imran kept the pace fast and interesting

Helped us understand some of the difficult terms / vocabulary

Engaging activities.

I would highly recommend Muslim Learner Services.

Good resources that would be easy to use in class.

Great session.

Took time to answer questions.

Interactive, Informative & Informal.

So much knowledge shared in such a short time

Imran delivered the session really well  - he is a great speaker!

Holy Spirit RC Primary School, Runcorn - Feedback on Teaching & Learning about Islam (in. meeting the needs of Muslim pupils). (3.30-5.00pm)

Clarified lots of misconceptions

Highlighted how many things Islam and Christianity have in common

Very informative

I really enjoyed the quiz which helped check my understanding 

Great ideas to share with children 

Very interactive and informative

Diocese of Westminster RE Coordinators' Annual Conference (London) - Feedback on our Teaching & Learning Islam workshops delivered to over one hundred Primary schools attending the conference!

  • Genuinely learnt a great deal in such a short space of time.
  • Quiz at the start was good to test prior knowledge and 'debunk' common misconceptions
  • An excellent introduction to Islam
  • Imran was very engaging, approachable, passionate and inspirational.
  • Trainer was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions
  • Great pace, very interesting 
  • good resources - easy to adapt for children
  • Great delivery & very informative
  • Presenter was excellent & humourous (funny anecdotes)
  • Brilliant  - lots of subject knowledge 
  • Good opportunity to ask questions
  • Good links made to Catholic faith
  • Loved all the artefacts

Diocese of York (hosted by St Martin's CE Primary School, Scarborough) - 2 hour Islam inset 4-6pm for North Yorkshire RE teachers Teaching & Learning about Islam inc. tackling Islamophobia and radicalisation.

  • A fantastic session, packed full of deep learning and brilliant facts
  • Interesting, relevant, interactive and linked to the classroom
  • Imran was fabulous in his delivery.
  • Practical, hands-on, open to all and any questions.
  • Thank you so much - I feel a lot more confident in my knowledge of Islam.
  • Friendly, informative and humorous.
  • Learnt Arabic pronunciation
  • Liked the resources / songs / ideas to use in the classroom and share with staff
  • Good range of teaching resources and able to see and use real artefacts
  • I would recommend this to other schools

Diocese of York (hosted by Knayton CE Primary School) - 2 hour Islam inset 4-6pm for North Yorkshire RE teachers Teaching & Learning about Islam inc. tackling Islamophobia and radicalisation.

  • Excellent delivery. Engaging activities. Thoroughly enjoyable!
  • Brilliant presenter!
  • Very interactive. Lots of opportunity for knowledge growth.
  • Great resources, great activities to help us learn and could be done with the children.
  • I have gained lots of knowledge and feel more confident to teach Islam.
  • Enjoyable and interesting session
  • Would recommend the training to others.
  • Good pace
  •  Use and discussion of artefacts
  • Very informative & Very helpful

Feedback from Holland Moor Primary School (Skelmersdale) - staff inset: Teaching & Learning about Islam inc. tackling Islamophobia and radicalisation.

  • Imran was warm and welcoming. He also used humour and made us feel comfortable and intrigued.
  • Activities - can be easily used with children.
  • Very engaging and incredibly informative.
  • Very informative, interactive, clear and succinct - no jargon.
  • Really enjoyed the session. Learnt so much!
  • Similarities between faiths pointed out - highlighted key misconceptions

Feedback from Bricknell Primary School (Hull): Islam inset for Teachers and Training Assistants

  • Good pace, varied content, humour, opportunity to ask questions, friendly
  • Engaging, interactive, informative eye-opening and useful
  • Extremely useful and can be shared with pupils straight away
  • Liked artefacts activity
  • Lots of mention of children to help me understand the lifestyle of Muslim children I teach.
  • Activities are transferable to use with the children
  • Great trainer who was engaging and shared experiences
  • Great questions / discussion
  • Loved links to current media and challenging Islamophobia
  • Very interesting and informative
  • Delivered very well
  • The quiz was really interesting
  • Down to earth and pitched a level I understand
  • The trainer was very hands-on

Feedback from St Marie's RC Primary school (Bury) staff twilight inset: Teaching & Learning about Islam

  • Imran explained everything in an engaging, interesting accessible way.

  • Lots of ideas of how to convey the information to children.

  • The true/false quiz was a nice touch.

  • Imran was very knowledgeable - answered all our questions, very respectfully and well

  • Really interesting including modern attitudes.

  • Good resources and handouts

  • Lots of opportunities to ask questions

  • Appropriate, interesting and varied.

  • The activities helped me to retain the information well

Feedback from Salford RE teachers attending full morning Teaching & Learning about Islam Inset. Monday 1st July 2019 at Buile Hill Banqueting Suite, Salford
  • Really interactive, engaging delivery, pitched perfectly,
  • Great examples to use in school
  • Great development of subject knowledge
  • interesting tasks to illustrate how to teach children about Islam..
  • Imran kept all our interests and was funny.
  • A brilliant course - very useful. Thank you!
  • Has provided me with a really good starting point for using with children.
  • Willingness to answer any questions. Help in pronunciation of Arabic words.
  • Practical. Carefully scaffolded.

Feedback from RE Leaders attending Islam workshop at Halton & Warrington annual SACRE Conference (Halton Stadium, Widnes)- Teaching and Learning about Hajj / Pilgrimage to Mecca.  Friday 28th June 2019, 1-3 pm

  • Imran is very engaging - everything is clearly explained - 'confidence is instilled for teaching'
  • Really informative and interesting session - given me the confidence to go and teach about Hajj.
  • Loved the personal touch. Nice to hear from someone with direct experience.
  • Super to listen to Imran and unable to unpick info with him.
  • Great ideas to use with children - super resource to take back to school - very knowledgeable course leader.
  • Great session, powerpoint clear and very visual - enthusiastic presentation.
  • Thank you! A very engaging session!
  • Informative but allowed questions to be asked throughout - put everyone at ease.

Teacher Feedback from St Margaret's CE School, Oldham - Teaching and Learning about Islam (2nd Visit -Islamic artefacts, Hajj, Life stages, Angels in Islam) - Monday 4th Feb 2019, 3.30 - 5.00pm
  • Very informative, engaging and I feel confident in teaching about Islam
  • Lots of information on marriage, funerals, births, Hajj  pilgrimage etc
  • Liked the pictures, examples and stories 
  • Really enjoyed learning about Islam
  • The slides and videos were informative
  • Questions answered and well delivered

    Teacher Feedback from Sankey Valley St James CE School, Warrington Teaching and Learning about Islam training (Inc. Islamophobia and Radicalisation) - Thursday 31st January 2019, 3.30 - 5.00pm
    • Really interesting, fast paced and lots of discussion.
    • Very informative and useful ideas for teaching in school
    • Lots of information and resources about Islam that was easy to understand
    • Interactive and informative
    • Ideas of how to teach about Islam.
    • Variety of Islamic activities provided which would engage the children in lessons.
    • I feel more confident with teaching Islam.
    • Good visual Islamic activities
    • Trainer had great subject knowledge.

    Teacher Feedback from Murdishaw West Primary School, Halton, Teaching and Learning about Islam training - Wednesday 30th January 2019, 3.30 - 4.30pm
    • Training session was delivered to a very high standard.
    • Very informative and much learned.
    • Has made me feel much more confident teaching Islam.
    • Trainer was well prepared with practical ideas to use in the classroom
    • Subject knowledge delivered in a way that is easy to understand
    • Liked the practical quiz
    • Great Islamic activities / resources for use in class
    • Imran was happy to take lots of questions.
    • Trainer had great subject knowledge.

    Teacher Feedback from St Martin & St Mary's CE Primary School, Windermere, Teaching and Learning about Islam training - Wednesday 23rd January 2019, 3.30 - 5.00pm
    • Informative, interactive, interesting , visual and informative - different types of learning
    • Brilliant resources and visual activities to get involved
    • Practical and hands-on approach to training
    • opportunity to ask questions
    • Misconceptions and stereotypes challenged
    • Friendly delivery - fun and engaging!
    • Learnt so much about Islam!
    • Approachable trainer

    Feedback from Halton & Warrington RE Leaders' Islam training - Thursday 29th November 2018, 2.30-4.00pm

    • Great hands-on workshop, stimulating and empowering.
    • No pressure to get things right/wrong!
    • Interactive and practical activities with artefacts was very useful.
    • Very well paced and informative
    • Discussions around artefacts and pronunciation of Islamic words was really useful.
    • Key terminology explained
    • Knowledgable trainer - explained things well
    • Misconceptions of Islam were addressed.
    • Really liked the quiz!

    Feedback from St Ambrose RC Primary School, Manchester - Inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas

    • Great information, well paced and informative
    • addressed common misconceptions
    • great activity ideas to use with children
    • Interactive activities
    • Clear explanations

    Feedback from Moresby Primary school, Whitehaven, Inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / Tackling Islamophobia and radicalisation

    • Great tone, really engaging
    • Very informative, interesting and eye opening!
    • Practical ideas for teaching.
    • Opportunity to ask questions.
    • Videos and activities

    Feedback from Rockcliffe CE Primary school, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / Tackling Islamophobia and radicalisation

    • The training portrayed positives of Islam and gave practical activities to help all understand
    • Very interesting and hands on...very enjoyable
    • Ideas to teach children
    • Cleared up some misconceptions
    • Interactive, informative and humourous
    • Friendly open approach

    Feedback from Beetham CE Primary school, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas
    • Imran has a very positive attitude and makes the training accessible for everyone.
    • Lots of variety of information and activities.
    • Resources really helpful and video was great too.
    • Lots of interaction and discussion.
    • Lots of misconceptions cleared.
    • Best twilight training I have ever been on!

    Feedback from Scotby CE Primary school, Carlisle, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas including tackling Islamophobia and radiclaisation

    • Range of activities - learning by doing
    • Interactive presentation
    • Lots of teaching ideas
    • Honest and open discussions
    • Pleasant speaker and very informative
    • Engaging activities
    • Practical, interactive, relevant...

    Feedback from All Souls' CE Primary school, Rochdale, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas
    • Active participation - Imran was very engaging
    • Thoroughly enjoyed the session!
    • Very informative in a relaxed environment.
    • This is important for good quality RE education.
    • Helped me develop my teaching.
    • Range of practical activities.
    • Creative teaching ideas.
    • Enjoyed looking at artefacts

    Feedback from Cockermouth Primary school RE cluster, hosted by Broughton Primary School, Cumbria, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching idea - including tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation.
    • A fantastic session packed full of information.
    • Imran delivered the course in a way that made me feel comfortable to ask any question I had.
    • Links made to history of Islam as well as modern day Islam.
    • Imran portrayed a fantastic delivery - very helpful and welcoming.
    • Good mix of teaching and practical activities
    • Interactive and well delivered
    • Well resourced and appropriate
    • coverage of misconceptions - excellent
    • exploring artefacts

    Feedback from Cartmel CE Primary School, Cumbria, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / resources including tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation.
    • So informative! I learnt so much. The lesson and resource ideas were great as well. It will be great to try some of them
    • Hands on, trying on things, going on pilgrimage
    • Clear and factual - child friendly worksheets to use in classroom
    • The training has improved my knowledge and understanding
    • Imran's very personable approach to delivering information - in particular myth busting about the faith
    • Interesting and interactive and great resources - keen to use some of the activities in the resource pack
    • Varied activities and a good summary of Islam

    Feedback from Ashfield Junior School, Workington, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / resources including tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation.
    • Very informative, interactive and an opportunity to ask questions
    • Varied approach. Informed and respectful but humourous
    • Interesting quiz and statistical facts.
    • Activities to do with children in the class
    • Boosted my own knowledge
    • Very informative, lots of detail and learning
    • Sensitive to all beliefs
    • Clear and easy to understand

    Feedback from Cambridge Primary School, Barrow, inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / resources including tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation.
    • Enjoyed opportunity to ask direct questions
    • Informative and great depth. Enjoyed activities
    • Learning new words about Islam
    • Involvement of staff. Taking part in activities that we could use in class with the children.
    • The training was light hearted and interesting.
    • Visual activities - using videos and activities, structured well

    Feedback from Diocese of Chester RE Leads' full morning inset - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / resources
    • Extremely informative, lots of snippets of information and child friendly
    • Very interactive, approachable - felt easy to ask questions - activities I can use in school
    • Imran was amazing - would love for him to come to our school
    • Clear and concise, relevant activities, stories and videos
    • Really well delivered. Time flew!
    • Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it incorporated a great balance of knowledge, visual aids, practical activities, quizzes and group discussion.
    • Enjoyed looking at the artefacts
    • The activities has given me ideas for future lessons
    • Imran was great - very knowledgable and approachable

    Feedback from St Joseph's RC Primary School (Upminster) - Full staff inset (Twilight) - Teaching & Learning about Islam - developing subject knowledge and practical teaching ideas / resources
    • A very comprehensive and interactive day.
    • A very sensitively and an extremely beneficial session
    • Relaxed atmosphere where it was easy to ask questions
    • Interactive & lots of ideas to use in the classroom
    • I now have a greater understanding of Islam
    • Good use of video clips
    • Good explanation of key terminology - exceptional knowledge
    • Misconceptions clarified about Islam and Muslims
    • Imran had a lovely manner with staff and children

    Feedback from Cheshire West & Chester RE Teachers - Islam teaching and learning Inset - full afternoon

    • Imran is very informative and simplifies concepts
    • Practical examples that can be used and adapted to teaching of different year groups
    • Interaction with artefacts
    • Lots of information and handouts to take back to school and share with colleagues
    • Hands on, factual and great advice
    • Good selection of resources
    • Interactive, fast paced and not patronising
    • Good pace mixing theory with classroom based ideas.
    • Open to questions

    Feedback from Pinfold Primary School, Hyde, Tameside - Full staff meeting - Islamic awareness, tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation
    • Interesting speaker and easy to listen to - covered lots of information in great depth.
    • Lots of opportunity for discussion
    • Informative, interactive, discussion and time for feedback.
    • An opportunity to question
    • Interesting to learn about a subject that seems like a taboo
    • Thought-provoking training
    • Useful to dispel myths
    • Not dogmatic, quick paced and an interesting trainer

    Feedback from Lisle Marsden Primary School, Grimsby - staff meeting - Islamic awareness, tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation
    • Very well presented, entertaining, informative, welcoming, felt comfortable to ask anything
    • Very personable and friendly
    • Would love another session!
    • Fun and informative
    • Very useful information - relevant and current
    • Thorough and engaging
    • Quiz starter helped generate interest and check prior knowledge
    • Humourous, informative and made me think

    Feedback from Rufford CE Primary School, West Lancashire - staff meeting - Islamic awareness, tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation

    • Positive way in which Islam prevents extremism in it's teachings.
    • The training sessions have been extremely well organised, well presented and interactive.
    • Informal and an opportunity to ask questions
    • Clear delivery of information, use of humour and personal anecdotes
    • Very informative and extremely interesting.

    Feedback from Westwood Park Primary School, Salford- Full staff meeting - Islamic awareness, tackling Islamophobia and preventing radicalisation

    • Very informative. The freedom to ask any question at all without worrying.
    • Excellent training. Should be carried out in all schools and communities.
    • The knowledge of Imran was great
    • Fantastic, more understanding of the religion and beliefs. Also dealt with misconceptions about what Muslims believe. Loved it!
    • Wish more people would access this training to stop Islamophobia
    • A very comprehensive training session
    • Wish we had longer!
    • Lots of discussion - no question turned away

    Feedback from St Margaret's CE Primary School, Oldham - Full staff meeting - Teaching & Learning about Islam

    • I enjoyed the activities (to share with the children) and the clarification of all the meanings
    • Ideas for both older and younger children - fun activities
    • Interactive, games, PowerPoint, teamwork, visual!
    • Lots of useful resources
    • Deepened my understanding of Islam

    Feedback from Lander Road Primary School, Liverpool - Full staff meeting - Islamic awareness training

    • Extremely informative and interesting. Quality resources and presentation. comfortable atmosphere to invite questions.
    • I feel more confident delivering lessons about Islam.
    • I just wish more of Britain had access to this training as it would increase tolerance & understanding.
    • Imran is very personable and had a wonderful style and delivery. Very open and honest and willing to answer any questions.
    • Enjoyed the quiz, slides and resources.
    • Pitched right for the end of a school day. Tackled some difficult issues well.

    Feedback from Cuddington Primary School, Cheshire - Full staff meeting - Islamic awareness training

    • Facts and quotes to support you to challenge extreme or uneducated viewpoints.
    • Imran was clear, approachable and open to our questions
    • related to everyday life which we can relate to
    • current issues dealt with
    • trainer was very succinct, power point and information was very helpful
    • Learnt so much about Islam in one session
    • Excellent, clear facts delivered with humour and respect

    Feedback from Dowdales Secondary School - Full staff inset - Tackling Islamophobia & Preventing radicalisation

    • Friendly & Interactive session where opinions and views were shared & discussed
    • The quiz was very effective - removed some common misconceptions
    • Very informative & enlightening on Muslims and their culture
    • The presentation was delivered very well, very good use of modern contexts
    • Open & honest , willingness to answer any question
    • Lots of practical advice on dealing with Islamophobia
    • very informative in a short space of time. Felt able to ask questions comfortably. Humour within training helped.
    • I liked the honesty and having to discuss difficult subjects and how to approach that with the pupils.

    Feedback from Briscoe Lane Academy, Manchester - after school Inset - Introduction to Islam for all staff

    • An informative session for all staff
    • Everything explained very clearly in an interesting way - opportunity for questions
    • Resources and handouts very helpful
    • Will help my teaching of Islam
    • Great insight in to Islam

    Feedback from St Thomas' Primary School, Newhey, Rochdale

    • Imran's delivery made a very sensitive issue easy to discuss. His ability to put myths to 'bed' was second to none. very engaging. Fantastic - thank you.
    • delivery was excellent - in depth and informative
    • Could have listened for longer!
    • Excellent resources, discussions and answering of questions.

    Feedback from RE Department at Our Lady's RC High School, Blackley, Manchester

    • fun and enjoyable. Humourous.
    • Really engaging speaker! Really informative and exceptionally helpful.
    • It was very personal.
    • Very engaging and enthusiastic
    • Structured information, very detailed and really enjoyable.

    Feedback from RE Department at Our Lady & St John's Catholic College - Islam Teacher Inset

    • Very detailed and excellent content in line with the new spec.
    • Friendly, welcomed questioning. Well planned.
    • Very insightful, open to questions, very informative.
    • Really interesting and approachable
    • Greater understanding of Islamic practices, customs and cultural attitudes.
    • Has made me more confident in my Islamic teaching.

    Feedback from RE Department at St Patrick's RC High School on Training for the New GCSE Islam Spec.

    • It has been so useful in understanding the religion on a deeper level and getting the opportunity to check teaching with someone so knowledgeable. It has been great to gain insight in to the religion.
    • Excellent training which allows me to feel more confident in the classroom.
    • Answered difficult questions in regards to Islam.
    • Resources - especially the quotes 
    • In depth analysis of the context and religious background on key topics.
    • Really clear and concise and to the point. Linking it in with real-life examples

    Feedback from Cheshire East SACRE - Teaching and Learning Inset on the six articles of faith - for RE teachers in Primary Schools - 30 Schools represented

    Many thanks Imran and once again so many thanks for your input and workshop full of ideas and extremely well received by teachers.

    Sue Glover, RE Advisor, Cheshire East Schools

    Feedback from Havering Borough of London RE Teachers' Inset on 'Teaching and Learning about Islam'

    “you made the delegates feel safe and comfortable to ask questions … and dealt with them sympathetically”

    "We enjoyed the interactive style of the presentation”

    “an excellent session”

    Michelle Wain, Advisor, Havering School Improvement Services

    Feedback from RE Teachers' Inset on 'Teaching the new GCSE Islam Spec'

    Hi Imran, unanimous feedback from your training session: "very good and relevant… detailed and humorous"

    John Lowrie, Head of RE, St Patrick's Catholic High School, Salford.

    Feedback from the Diocese of Salford's Primary School teacher's full day course on The five pillars of Islam

    Hi Imran, The feedback from all of your training with us has been very positive and I thoroughly enjoyed the session that I was able to join. How lovely that you are going to Mecca and Medina. I will be thinking of you and your family on your special pilgrimage.

    Donna Kiernan, Deputy Director, Diocese of Salford

    Feedback from North Yorkshire's Primary School teacher's half day introduction to Islam course

    Hi Imran, thanks for today- really great. Very positive evaluations from the training day.

    R Mason, Education Development Adviser, North Yorkshire

    Buckinghamshire Primary School Islamic awareness training session

    Just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. the staff awareness workshop. I hope that the remainder of Ramadhan is a blessed time for you, and for later this month...Eid Mubarak!

    N Waldron, Head Teacher, Buckingham Park School

    Feedback from the Diocese of Salford's RE leads session on Islamic Spirituality

    A special thank you for today the training was excellent we are so grateful to you.

    Steve Jones, Education Adviser, Diocese of Salford

    Feedback from our Full day Islamic awareness and tackling radicalisation Inset delivered to School & College managers in the North of England:

    Brilliant! Best training I have attended in a long time.

    Really enjoyed the training. Will be contacting Imran for future development of training opportunities in College.

    An excellent day. Thank-you! Loved every minute of it.

    Excellent session. I thoroughly enjoyed today. Imran engaged the whole group, his passion showed in his delivery.

    I felt the session was really useful, it helped with awareness of Islamophobia and how to tackle it. The session has allowed me to become confident with dealing with the issue.

    Very informative session about Islamophobia, great trainer, very knowledgeable.

    I have had a really good day, a real eye opener, really useful and very interesting, really enjoyed the speaker today.

    Great training! Imran's knowledge was excellent, which has helped me understand more about Islam.

    Introduction to Islam / Preventing Islamist radicalisation training session: Sheffield

    The staff responded very positively indeed and I personally learnt a lot as I mentioned, it was very valuable and we would not hesitate to have you back in the future. I will certainly recommend you to other colleges! A lot of staff are asking for your slides!

    M Briggs, Training and Development manager, Freeman College, Sheffield.