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  • Islamic Awareness Tutorial- Most Popular! This workshop will challenge common misconceptions about Islam and provide learners to develop their basic understanding of the beliefs and practices for Muslims. We also look at the rise in Islamophobia in the UK and how to prevent radicalisation. Each tutorial includes an open q&a session. Duration 45-60 minutes
  • Equality & Diversity Tutorial - This workshop is aimed at curriculum / vocational areas where learners are required to know about meeting the needs and interests of people from different faiths. In this tutorial, learners will develop their understanding of Islamic practices including prayer, fasting, marriage, birth, funerals, diet, dress etc. Duration 45-60 minutes. 
  • Staff Inset - This interactive and informative training session will help staff develop their understanding of mainstream Islamic beliefs and practices, how to tackle Islamophobia and prevent radicalisation. Duration 1-2.5 hours. 



Imran Kotwal spent two days with staff and learners at Lakes College holding tutorial sessions across the curriculum giving our learners an insight into Islam. All learners were engaged right from the start and feedback has been excellent leaving our learners better informed and reinforcing our college value to show respect for all members of our society.  We would recommend Imran and Muslim Learner Services to all colleges and look forward to working with Imran in the future.

Irene Farragher

Learner Support Manager, 

Lakes College West Cumbria

Imran Kotwal, Founder of Muslim Learner Services came into the Technical Academy to deliver a session to our students on Islamic Awareness. The interactive session was well attended by both students and lecturers and was delivered in a light hearted and friendly way. Imran answered a number of questions that were raised by the students clarifying a number of preconceptions and beliefs the students had prior to the session. Overall the feedback from attendees was excellent with most commenting that they all took something positive from the session.

East Durham College 

(two full days of student tutorials on Islamic awareness )


"This has been one of the most beneficial CPD events I have attended. I feel it would be beneficial for all staff and students. I feel we should utilise Imran and his knowledge more - Excellent."

"A very useful session with a well informed speaker. Probably the most useful thing in some time."

"Wish all CPD was like this! Opportunity to engage in rational and mature discussion rather than being 'talked at' Could have done this for longer - very good! Should be rolled out further - loved the honesty and non-patronising approach."

The staff responded very positively indeed and I personally learnt a lot as I mentioned, it was very valable and we would not hesitate to have you back in the future. I will certainly recommend you to other colleges! A lot of staff are asking for your slides! 

M Briggs, Training and Development manager, Freeman College, Sheffield.